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8 Hr Youth Firearm Safety

This is a community orientated program geared specifically to those children ages 11 to 17 who may, as a result of gun ownership by parents or other reasons, may come into contact or proximity to firearms. The course is designed to take the “magic and mystery” out of firearms, to teach the attending child a healthy and safe respect for firearms, and with the parent/guardian’s approval – allow the child to shoot under the watchful eye of a 1 on 1 instructor.

If you have firearms in the house it is a good idea to have your children understand that firearms are not toys and they should be respected.


They will learn:

  • All safety rules

  • Why firearms are not toys and if they find one, they must STOP - DON'T TOUCH - TELL AN ADULT!

  • How to physically handle firearms safely.


Class Requirements:

  • Open to young shooters ages 11 to 17.

  • Box of 50 .22LR ammunition is required

  • Each youth is required to bring there own eye and ear protection.

  • Wear proper shooting attire (crew neck shirt and closed toe, high traction shoes) for range portion of class.

  • Bring a great learning attitude!

Cost $40.00 per youth

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